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Travel Tips

1. Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

Make sure you are drinking tons of water. Any time the flight attendant offers some, take it!

2. Travel with a clean face

Allow your face to breath. Pack your make-up necessities in your carry-on to apply before you de-board the plane!

3. Give yourself an in-flight facial

Bring your favorite sheet mask, under eye mask and hydrating balm. There's no shame in the skin care game!

4. Lather up with extra hydrating products

Hydration doesn't mean just drinking water. Keep a facial mist on hand and your most hydrating moisturizer. The more hydrated you and your skin are, the better!

5. Wear Compression Socks

They prevent swelling and help increase your blood circulation during sustained periods of sitting. This will help prevent puffiness!