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At LOMI Skin, we believe in cherishing moments of self-care and love. Our clean, luxurious skincare line is designed to encourage you to take a break, pause, and connect with yourself. We carefully craft each product with the intention of spreading self-love, inviting you to prioritize your well-being. 

Through our line of clean skincare, we invite you to prioritize and enjoy you time, and we craft each one of our products with the intention of spreading self-love. We like to think of LOMI Skin as a helping hand, allowing you to activate a sense of self appreciation. Our skincare helps you sink into you, leaving the feeling of renewal and restoration.

LOMI SKIN is an embodiment of the commitment we’ve made to our clean process. We take pride in our Texas heritage, and many of our ingredients are inspired by or derived from the rich Texas soil, and all of our products meet the highest standards in the beauty and skincare industry being vegan, cruelty-free, and paraben free.

Through LOMI, our mission is to give you an opportunity to cleanse and shed the day’s distractions and emerge with reinvigorated self-appreciation. That is after all the intention behind our name. LO, for love, and Mi, for me. Love me.

So apply. Indulge. Ease in. Get back into you and find a little #SELFLOVE.

With love & gratitude,

Co-Founders Ashley & Conner Quintanilla