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Hi, Ashley & Conner Quintanilla here, husband & wife, parents to Paloma & Leona (first and foremost), and the duo behind LOMI Skin. Lovingly named after our precious daughters, we founded LOMI Skin to entice you to celebrate you. As busy parents, too often our days distract us from spending any time on ourselves, and we knew we weren’t an exception there. Therefore, we set off on a path to create a line of clean skincare products that are not only accessible but seamlessly incorporated into those hectic schedules. In founding our brand, we strive to help people recognize that You-Time is just as important as any other moment in your day. Therefore, we craft each of our products with clean ingredients, so you don’t have to spend time worrying about what’s in the bottle and can instead focus on enjoying the process (and benefits!) of a little self-love & care. 

In launching LOMI Skin as a husband and wife duo, we also felt strongly about normalizing men’s skincare. Therefore, all of our products are intentionally genderless because we firmly believe that the nourishing and healing ritual of self-care shouldn’t be reserved for women alone - it should be universal. 

We’re both proud Texas natives and are endlessly inspired by its signature landscape and vast natural beauty - a beauty we strive to preserve by committing to using only natural ingredients. We’re also equally proud to found this business in our hometown of San Antonio. As residents, we’ve always felt underserved in the skincare and wellness space within the city we call home and found ourselves constantly having to travel to find the skincare and spa services we craved. This prompted us to set off on our next chapter of LOMI Skin - LOMI MED SPA - which we’ll be launching right here in San Antonio in 2024.

So thank you for being on this journey with us,  investing some well-deserved time into you, and believing in the power of a little #SELFLOVE. Stay tuned for more goodness to come.

Cheers -

Ashley & Conner