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The perfect bundle does exist, and you get to design it. Choose a tool to cool, sculpt, and rejuvenate your skin for the perfect compliment to your routine. The possibilities are endless when it comes to crafting your personalized LOMI skincare and tool regimen paired with The Line Up. 


Re-Useable Eye Patches

Revitalize. Refresh. Recycle. LOMI Skin's Re-Usable Eye Patches are here to rejuvenate your under eyes again and again. 

Cryo Sticks

Our stainless steel Cryo Sticks are perfect for skin contouring, cooling, and depuffing. 

Eye Treatment Tool

The Eye Treatment Tool is specifically created to care for the sensitive skin around the eyes.

Cooling Derma Globes

Gently roll these globes over your face to reduce puffiness, soothe and calm the skin, enhance product absorption, improve blood circulation, and refresh your complexion. 


Face Sculptor

A unique and effective tool, the Face Sculpting Tool gently massages the skin to stimulate the lymphatic modes which help decrease puffiness, ease tension, and stimulates blood flow leaving you with a healthy glowing skin.

Textured Gua Sha Stone

A versatile face and body gua sha tool crafted for relaxation, smoothing, and enhancing lymph flow.

Roller & Gua Sha Set

Integrate our Roller + Gua Sha Set into your beauty regimen for enhanced benefits like product absorption and improved circulation. 


Smart Cleansing Device

Our innovative Smart Cleaning Device is designed to capture and remove dirt, oil, and makeup from within the pores, leaving skin truly clean. 

LED Face Mask

The LOMI wireless LED Face Mask lets you multitask while caring for your skin all at once. It addresses various skin concerns with seven light settings including Red, Blue, Green, Cyan, Yellow, Orange, and White LED light, revealing a radiant complexion.

Advanced Skincare Wand

The Advanced Skincare Wand penetrates your skin's surface with Red light therapy to ease discoloration and even out the tone, while its micro-current energy stimulates deeper facial muscles, lifting and tightening from within.


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