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The Glow Up Kit

Original Value: $308

Glowing skin is always in with LOMI. Achieve yours with The Glow Up Kit featuring The Daily Cleanse, The Purifying Toner, The ABC Cream, and of course The Glow Drip Serum finished off with our Cosmetic Bag.

The Daily Cleanse

Gentle yet impactful, The Daily Cleanse face wash lathers richly and sinks deep into your pores for a complete surface renewal.

The Purifying Toner

The name truly says it all, this toner is a pure refresh in a bottle and the perfect partner to our Daily Cleanser.

The ABC Cream

The ABC Cream moisturizer is a total superstar. Rich in vitamins from Vitamin A to Vitamin E, and packed with soothing ingredients like organic Aloe, this cream is formulated to restore skin’s balance, and enriches it with natural hydration that causes an enviable glowy dew.

The Glow Drip Serum

With daily use of The Glow Drip Serum, you'll notice a brighter complexion, a reduction of those lingering dark spots, and overall smoother skin. This serum is anti-inflammatory and filled with antioxidants for total skin revival.