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Health Kick

Original Value: $318

Kickstart your journey to healthier skin with our exclusive Health Kick Skincare Bundle. It gets it's name from our Green Juice Serum, Advanced Skincare Wand and Cooling Derma Globes trio. 

The Green Juice 

The Green Juice distinctive serum harmonizes calming CBD with natural fruit extracts such as lemon and orange, delivering a number of skin benefits including antioxidants, anti-inflammation, and natural spot treatment.

Advanced Skincare Wand

The Red Light Therapy Wand penetrates your skin's surface to ease discoloration and even out the tone, while its micro-current energy stimulates deeper facial muscles, lifting and tightening from within.

Cooling Derma Globes

The Cooling Derma Globes (or you might hear us call them, Ice Globes) are a must-have for your skincare regime. Gently roll these globes over your face to reduce puffiness, soothe and calm the skin, enhance product absorption, improve blood circulation, and refresh your complexion. 

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