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The Sculpt Tool Bundle

Original Value: $124

Face Sculptor

A unique and effective tool, the Face Sculpting Tool gently massages the skin to stimulate the lymphatic modes which help decrease puffiness, ease tension, and stimulates blood flow leaving you with a healthy glowing skin.

Roller + Gua Sha Set

Our Roller & Gus Sea Set is a great addition to your beauty routine. The Gua-Sha Duo is a traditional Chinese healing practice that uses gentle pressure to clear energy blocks from the body and helps to relieve stress and tension, stretch the skin, and stimulate blood flow and lymphatic flow.

Lomi Cosmetic Bag

The LOMI Cosmetic Bag is designed to hold all of your LOMI tools and skincare essentials. Its minimal silhouette, soft curves, and zipper at the top make for a sleek and convenient way to travel. 

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