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She's Sculpted

Original Value: $216

Sculpt the way to a snatched appearance with our She’s Sculpted set using The ABC Cream, Textured Gua Sha Stone, and the Face Sculptor. 

The ABC Cream

The ABC Cream moisturizer is a total superstar. Rich in vitamins from Vitamin A to Vitamin E, and packed with soothing ingredients like organic Aloe, this cream is formulated to restore skin’s balance, and enriches it with natural hydration that causes an enviable glowy dew.

Textured Gua Sha Stone

Our versatile face and body textured gua sha tool is crafted for relaxation, smoothing, and enhancing lymph flow. This tool is specifically designed to promote smooth fascia, stimulate blood circulation, reduce puffiness and inflammation, and shape facial muscles.

Face Sculptor

The Face Sculpting Tool gently massages the skin to stimulate the lymphatic modes which help decrease puffiness, ease tension, and stimulates blood flow leaving you with a healthy glowing skin.