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The Revitalize Tool Bundle

 Original Value: $180

Cooling Derma Globes

The Cooling Derma Globes are a must-have for your skincare regime. Used in facial treatments, it combines cold and heat therapy to deliver an incredibly effective deep cleanse, bringing dull skin back to life and aiding the appearance of large pores, fine lines, and wrinkles.

Advanced Skincare Wand

Experience the power of light therapy with this luxe beauty wand. The Red Light Therapy Wand penetrates your skin's surface to ease discoloration and even out the tone, while its micro-current energy stimulates deeper facial muscles, lifting and tightening from within.

Lomi Cosmetic Bag

The LOMI Cosmetic Bag is designed to hold all of your LOMI tools and skincare essentials. Its minimal silhouette, soft curves, and zipper at the top make for a sleek and convenient way to travel. 


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